Thursday, June 23, 2016


We need to call for an end to this insanity
Jack Perry | - JUNE 23, 2016

Flying under the social issues radar is the idea of drafting women into the United States military during a war. This has been a hot-button topic for quite some time with arguments for and against it. People in favor say, hey they wanted equal rights, so they got them. Others say, hey, they’re sitting ducks for sexual abuse if they get captured. Well, they don’t have to be captured by the enemy for that to happen. Their own comrades rape them. The military itself covered that up for decades until it got to the point they couldn’t cover it up anymore.

Here’s my stance on it: Abolish the draft as a whole. Then, THEN, we will have true equality when it is no longer possible for the federal government to force anyone’s kid to go die for foolish overseas power gambits between various tinhorn despots we call “allies”. Regardless of gender, each life will be valued as utterly beyond expandability in enforcing the government’s muddled political philosophy.

They say in certain circles that a person has a “duty” to the government. Is that so? Perhaps to those people they feel that. I, however, feel no such duty. Is it not enough the government confiscates my money and awards it to the aforementioned despots, or the terrorist groups it arms and trains to unseat other world leaders and install U.S.-approved despots? How am I alleged to have some type of “duty” towards a government such as this? In fact, a “duty” towards this government would appear more like being caught in a domestic violence dynamic or Stockholm Syndrome.

People need to see the draft as a whole for what it truly is: State-sponsored involuntary human sacrifice.

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