Monday, May 30, 2016

Workshop on Rte. 9 Zoning Change

Last night (5/26/6) Lisbon held a workshop to discuss the possibility of  changing the zoning on rte 9 to “Commercial Zoning”. This  public workshop was attended by approximately 60 people.   (5 tables times 12 persons per table). The vast majority of the attendees were residents of rte 9.

Many of the residents voiced concerns about losing rte 9’s  rural/agriculture feel. They also felt that changing rte 9 to commercial would not only destroy that rural feel but also open the door for used car lots, junkyards or worse. 

After 2 hours of discussion the consensus was to leave rte 9/s zoning alone and not add a commercial zone. This sentiment was best exhibited by a show of hands that overwhelmingly supported keeping the existing zoning.

The people have spoken loud and clear, NO ZONING CHANGE IS WANTED OR NEEDED. The only support for this zoning change appeared to come from a handful of people that, with one exception, didn’t live on rte 9.  

It is my belief that this unwanted zoning change is being pushed by one of Lisbon’s “powers that be” for their own financial gain.  

Zoning changes should benefit all in Lisbon not just one or two of Lisbon’s elite.

Joe Hill

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