Thursday, May 19, 2016


Massive gains for Trump as Hillary and third party movements lose steam.
Steve Watson | - MAY 19, 2016

A new national poll has presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by three points, a significant turn around from two months ago when polls had Trump trailing by double figures.

The Fox News poll has Trump leading Clinton 45-42, and shows that Trump’s unfavorable rating is now at 56%, which equates to an improvement of 9 points from March figures.

The poll shows that a record high of 61 percent have a negative view of Hillary, a three point increase in two months.

The poll also shows that just thirty-seven percent have a favorable opinion of Clinton, a drop of two points from March figures, and a new low for the likely Democratic nominee.

Now 41 percent have a positive view of Trump, a rise of ten points in two months.

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