Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Tonight the Town Council joined the Superintendent and the School Board at Lisbon Community School to discuss the School Department’s 2016-2017 proposed budgets and their Capital Improvement Plan.  It was a Public Hearing for residents to speak out about the proposed budget.

At the Public Hearing, both parent and students spoke out about the Art program and their teachers being cut as part of the proposal.  The majority of speakers only wanted to talk about the Art program and the loss of the two teachers.

After everyone had an opportunity to speak, Chairman Bickford thanked the School Department for its dedicated work on the budget.  According to Chairman Bickford, he was pleased with what the School Department presented.  Other Councilors agreed and spoke on how pleased they were that everyone was working together.

As far as the Capital Improvement Plan, there was only one resident that asked a question and Superintendent Green answered it.

Larry Fillmore

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