Monday, May 2, 2016

Lisbon Council Won't Take "NO" For An Answer on the Rte. 9 Zoning Change.

Once again Lisbon Council is trying to change route. 9 zoning from Rural open 1 to Commercial. 

At the (4/6/16) Council Meeting there was a proposed zoning change that was previously and rightfully rejected several years ago when the Council tried to make a 1000 ft. Commercial corridor along a large swath of route 9.  

My home is within a1000ft. of the center of route 9 and  would be be adversely affected by this zoning change.  

Reasons against this zone change.
  • This change regardless of what the Council may say reduces the value of residential property.
  • This change would make it more difficult for prospective buyers to get a loan to buy affected property. (According to the loan officer I spoke with at Key Bank.)
  • Do we want to turn one of Lisbon's remaining gateways into another route 196?  What impression will this give to people coming to Lisbon from the Sabattus turnpike exit?
  • Do you want another used car dealer strip on rte. 9?
Commercial zoning means large trucks and noise which also reduces property values and destroys roads. 

The Council has placed a survey on the town's web site in an effort to get feedback from the community.  Loaded questions on this survey are used to manipulate the survey taker into agreeing to a commercial zone on rte 9 rather than asking if a zone change is needed.

Lisbon Government has a habit of ignoring survey results when the results are not in agreement with the Council's position on an issue. I wouldn't be surprised if the Town throws out the survey results if they don't like them. I urge you to stop the Council from turning rte. 9 into another 196.

 Take the survey and tell the Council  you don't want another "used car dealer strip" on rte 9.

Joe Hill

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