Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Barack Obama Orders Assassinations With Impunity --- No Trial

June 26, 2012 by State of the NationImage result for obama
Obama Orders More Illicit Executions Via Drones Than All Of His Predecessors Put Together

President Obama literally executes innocents by remote on battlefields around the globe.

Therefore, the Commander-in-Chief is guilty of premeditated murder in undeclared wars — a war crime by any standard.

The established and coordinated policy of the United States Federal Government, in its prosecution of its self-proclaimed global War on Terror, has been to execute individuals — both US citizens and foreign nationals alike — who have been deemed to be threats to American interests at home and abroad.

Stated another way, the President of the United States of America (USA) has unlawfully and unethically arrogated the power unto himself to (i) sign a death warrant of any person in the entire world who he labels a terrorist and (ii) kill that person upon receiving actionable intelligence of their whereabouts.

Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) has appointed himself prosecutor, judge and jury, and executioner of any resident of the planet who meets a certain level of ill-defined criteria which therefore labels that individual an enemy combatant of the USA, and especially its corporate interests abroad. No indictment, no trial, no legal representation for the targeted enemy combatant, no due process; not even a semblance of the most basic civilized law.

Simply put, these are the actions of a tyrant. 

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