Saturday, April 23, 2016


The question is what qualities are you looking for when you vote for our elected officials?  Each of us has different criteria we are looking for in our leaders.  For me, I am looking for a person who has integrity and whom is willing to put the needs of Lisbon before their personal agenda. 

However, in order for these leaders to make sound decision; they first must have ALL the facts.  In Lisbon, this does not happen because of the Council Working Rules restricting when information can be introduced to the Council.  This is the primary reason Lisbon has so much social media.  This is the ONLY method of keeping the citizens informed as to what is going on in this community. 

Social media’s function is to keep the people informed as to what goes on in town.  Social media provide facts and decisions for their elected officials.  It would be better if people came to the meetings and workshops and provide valuable input to the Council and School Board.

I know that people like Mr. Richard Main and Susan Smith comment on articles written on social media.  I assume that because they do not always agree with my articles, they must be providing our elected officials with their recommendations.  It takes the entire community working together to make Lisbon a better place to live and raise our kids.  We all need to provide our expertise and knowledge to improve our community.
Right now, we have a situation that needs all of us to put our heads together and find a solution.  This is why our Town Council is NOT making any attempt reduce our taxes.  The Council appears to be content with the reevaluation and a $677,373.00 increase over last years proposed budget.  I for one have offered several solutions to offset this increase.  I am sure many of you have also contacted your Councilors offering solutions.  So why are they not listening?

On the other side, the School Department has already reduced this year’s proposed budget by roughly $718,500.00.  So why is the School Department working hard to provide some relief to the taxpayers and the Town Council is NOT?

I remember the fiasco the Town Council put the School Department and the people through last year over the School budget.  It does not any sense to me for the Town Council to NOT try and reduce the municipal side.   Also, according to Chairman Bickford, the question of whether or not to close the Lisbon Communication Center and save the town between $165,000.00 and $365,000.00 has to go on the November ballot for the people to decide.  I thought that was why we elected the Town Council to make those decisions.  Apparently, the question is too difficult.  I believe it is a no-brainer.  The Dispatchers are not 911 qualified nor are they qualified as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher.  This means they are unqualified to provide EMT’s with the Emergency Medical Code needed to expedite lifesaving procedures.

Call your Councilors today and tell them your feelings on this and see if they can reduce our taxes this year.

Larry Fillmore

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