Sunday, April 3, 2016

Poll: The Military Wants Trump To Be President

April 3, 2016

A new survey of U.S. military servicemembers reveals troops have one candidate in mind for president: Donald Trump.

The poll of 931 servicemembers, conducted from March 9-14, spans from active-duty troops to reservists and National Guard members, although the findings are not scientific, Military Times reports.

Of survey respondents, 64 percent were enlisted and 36 percent said they were officers.
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In total, 27 percent of troops listed GOP front-runner Donald Trump as their preferred candidate, with Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders following closely behind at 22 percent. GOP Sen. Ted Cruz gained 17 percent of support, while the next in line is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 11. 17 percent.

The data seems to indicate that the GOP national security establishment’s attempt to discredit Trump’s foreign policy credibility has failed — at least as far as servicemembers are concerned.Trump’s hardline stances on national security issues appear to have attracted dedicated support from members of the military, though several military officials have complained about his aggressive statements on torture and the killing of terrorists’ families, which Trump had to walk back

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