Saturday, April 2, 2016

Man protesting law that requires him to pay for another man's child

DAVENPORT, Iowa - A Quad City man is protesting a child support law that requires him to pay for another man's child.

Joe Vandusen thought it was a joke when he received a certified letter from the Iowa Department of Human Resources last month at his home in Davenport.

"I opened it up and it was child support, for a kid that is not even mine," he said.

The child was recently born to his long estranged wife, and there's no way it is his.

"We've had no contact whatsoever in 16 or 17 years, and the child just turned one year old," Vandusen said.

But by law, Joe is still legally responsible and the state and its Child Support Recovery Unit, are telling him, he had better pay up.

"I explained to her this is not my child. I'm willing to do a paternity test and she flat out told me it does not matter, you're legally married to her. You're going to pay child support," Vandusen said.

The couple broke up but never were divorced, and Iowa law and many other states require husbands to pay child support for any child born during the marriage.

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