Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Judge Orders All-Natural Milk To Be Labeled ‘Imitation’

Thousands Of Gallons Dumped

(Daniel Jennings) All-natural skim milk cannot be labeled “skim milk” under Florida law, a federal judge has ruled.

US District Judge Robert L. Hinkle sided with the state of Florida’s contention that milk can only be called skim milk if it is injected with artificial Vitamin A – that is, making it nutritionally similar to whole milk sold on store shelves.

At the heart of the controversy is Ocheesee Creamery, which has an all-natural philosophy and says that injecting the vitamin would make its skim milk anything but all-natural. But the state – and now the judge – say the skim milk otherwise must be labeled “imitation.”

The creamery previously labeled its product “pasteurized skim milk.”

“I just want to tell the truth,” said Mary Lou Wesselhoeft of Ocheesee Creamery. “Our skim milk was pure skim milk, and nobody was ever confused when we called it skim milk. I refuse to lie to my customers, so I have stopped selling skim milk until I am allowed to tell the truth again.”

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