Tuesday, April 5, 2016

As Polls Open In WI Primary, BOMBSHELL News Has Trump Smiling!

trump wisconsin
For weeks, pundits and the political establishment has focused on the Wisconsin GOP presidential primary. With 42 delegates awarded proportionally, observers were convinced that WI Governor Scott Walker’s endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Cruz’s popularity in the state would be the turning point in his campaign against GOP frontrunner and conservative businessman Donald J. Trump. Even Trump’s own advisors thought he was about to lose the state.
Now we learn that everything the polls were saying is wrong! With an open primary, Trump is now expected to pull off a landslide victory tonight in the Badger State. This is amazing:
According to American Research Group, Inc., Trump now has a commanding 10% lead, just a week after he was TRAILING Cruz by 10%…
trump wisconsin
And his lead is even larger by those who self-label their political party preference:
trump wisconsin

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