Thursday, April 28, 2016

‘All He Could Say Was Sex Sex Sex’ Wave Of Refugee Sex Attacks Hits Austria

A WOMAN was sexually assaulted by a refugee at a bus stop before he chased her with his trousers down in one of a string of migrant sex attacks to hit Austria.

UK Express - April 28, 2016 65 Comments

Image Credits: Kecko / Flickr.

The crimewave is seeing a sharp rise in the far-right in Austria in protest of mass immigration.

In the latest shocking incident a 27-year-old woman was allegedly assaulted while waiting at a bus station in the village of Grinzing on the outskirts of the capital Vienna.

She said: “He was Arabic looking and had a cord around his waist instead of a belt.

“All he could say was ‘sex, sex, sex’ and then he pulled out a condom from his trouser pocket.”

The attack comes just days after Norbert Hofer, candidate of the anti-migrant Freedom Party (FPO), took pole position in the presidential elections.

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