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6 Corrupt Police Forces That Didn't Even Pretend to Give A F

In the last few years, there seems to have been a drastic increase of police violence plaguing the United States, as if everyone with a badge is auditioning to become Mad Max in the pending societal breakdown. However, the even more depressing truth is that things haven't really gotten worse. Quite a few cops have been dragging their asses way over the thin blue line since time immemorial. For instance ...

#6. The Denver Police Force Straight-Up Robbed People

Most people know about the widespread corruption of the Los Angeles Police Department in the late '90s, thanks to pop culture touchstones like The Shield, Training Day, and Demolition Man. For a time, the LAPD had decided that the only way to handle gangs was to become an even bigger, more dangerous gang -- one which could arrest, attack, and even rob criminals with impunity. What most people don't know is that almost the same thing happened with the Denver Police Department 30 years prior, except that they didn't even bother with the "fighting fire with fire" shtick. Nope, they cut out the middleman and started robbing businesses themselves.
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#5. A Cop (And KKK Member) Frames Dozens Of Black Texans As Drug Pushers

It's hard to tell how exactly a bona fide Klansman would ever be allowed to carry a gun and badge, but that's exactly what happened in Tulia, Texas. In 1998, literal card-carrying racist Tom Coleman unleashed his backwards prejudice on a slew of innocent people like a bigoted hurricane.
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Or, like, pretty much any other far less offensive analogy.
In an investigation that lasted a little over a year, Coleman hauled 46 drug dealers to prison. Did we say drug dealers? We meant "completely innocent people who happened to be black." In a small town of 5,000 people with only around 400 black residents, we're sure that wasn't a coincidence. Fortunately for Coleman, his position as an unsupervised drug enforcement agent / dude with a mustache and a gun didn't really require him to have a motive, reason, or even evidence to arrest people.
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Coleman simply made his own evidence by lying his ass off in court repeatedly, claiming "suspects" sold him drugs even when they had ironclad alibis, like being at festivals miles away from Coleman or having time cards which proved they had been at work when he swore they were selling him drugs. He would even invent suspects and then simply arrest any black person he felt like arresting, even though they didn't fit his own description. But before you start thinking the good state of Texas would ignore this monstrous behavior, rest assured that Coleman was given the Texas Department of Safety's 1999 Outstanding Lawman of the Year award -- though they did let Chris Rock host the 2000 OLY's to prove that they themselves weren't racist.

Eventually, after a retired district judge started digging around, Coleman's cases were finally exposed as bullshit. Most of the "felons" he arrested were pardoned and compensated, seeing as how there wasn't a single shred of evidence against them. You might now be wondering why you never heard of any famous trial against the KKK cop. That's because that part never happened. In 2005, Coleman was finally convicted ... for perjury. He was then sentenced to 10 years probation, which means he only would have gone to jail if he had committed another crime. Luckily, it seems a guy like Coleman can't get arrested in Texas.

#4. D.C. Police Try To March Prostitutes Into The Next State

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In June of 1989, the Washington, D.C. police force was fed up with all the professional sexing going on in their jurisdiction, so they decided to gather up 24 local prostitutes and make them march their way over the state line into Virginia. Maybe they believed this meant no one would ever sell sex to a politician ever again, thereby creating more job opportunities for ambitious interns. Either way, in the painfully early hours of the morning, an army of leather mini-skirted women walked over 1.4 miles at the behest of a handful of police officers who told them it was walk or be arrested. Perhaps these law enforcers didn't realize there's a specific law (appropriately called the Mann Act) which forbids the transportation of prostitutes over U.S. state lines. So in addition to being lousy cops, they were also technically sex traffickers.
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