Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ted Cruz just got slaughtered at the polls after declaring his support for Monsanto

Ted Cruz just got slaughtered at the polls after declaring his support for Monsanto; pro-GMO Republican establishment now in state of total collapse

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Tags: Ted Cruz, Monsanto, Republican establishment

(NaturalNews) Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz suffered nationwide devastating defeats at the polls just one day after denouncing health-conscious Americans as "anti-science zealots" for their opposition to GMOs. In a shameless endorsement of agrichemical giant Monsanto during an Iowa speech, Cruz made it known that he was all-in for the agricultural establishment that poisons America with weed killers and toxic GMOs linked to cancer.

But Ted Cruz didn't just casually say he supported Monsanto; he went out of his way to parrot Monsanto's talking points and domineering arrogance, choosing to insult tens of millions of health-conscious Americans by calling them "anti-science zealots" and mocking their legitimate concern over pesticides, herbicides and GMOs in food.

A man who would unwittingly eat a horrific booger on national live television, in other words, doesn't think Americans should have the right to know what they're eating, either. Somehow, this is just as grotesque.

Natural News, U.S. Right to Know, the Robert Scott Bell Show and dozens of other independent media outlets ran my story that attacked Cruz, where I accused him of committing spiritual treason against God for siding with Monsanto over the food safety of Americans. I also directly accused Ted Cruz of denying Americans the right of self-defense against chemical violence, stating, "In effect, Ted Cruz believes that Americans have the right to buy a gun, but not to read a label."

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