Friday, March 4, 2016

LOOKS MAYBE DECEIVING!!! by Larry Fillmore

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In December 2015, I put in a Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) for the following Public Records: 

 “Respectfully request a copy of ALL certifications of Dispatch personnel that pertain to Emergency Services/Dispatching.” 

 The Lisbon Communication Center has four (4) Dispatchers and six (6) Reserve Dispatchers.  I received certifications on only nine (9) Dispatchers and none of these Dispatchers are CURRENTLY certified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers.  This is critical because ONLY Emergency Medical Dispatchers have the authority to determine an Emergency Medical Code (EMC) that is vital to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).  Without this Emergency Medical Code (EMC), the EMT’s are responding blindly to emergency medical situations.  

This Emergency Medical Code is gathered medical information that helps the EMT’s determine what type of equipment /supplies they need to save the life of the victim.  All of the 911 operators at the Androscoggin County Dispatch are CURRENTLY qualified as Emergency Medical Dispatchers and are authorized to determine the Emergency Medical Code and pass this code on to EMT’s for those they dispatch.  For other towns like Lisbon, Durham and Sabattus, this Emergency Medical Code is passed along to the Lisbon Communication Center to be relayed to the EMT’s as they dispatch the First Responders.  This system is archaic and causes delayed in response time.  These towns need to switch over to Androscoggin County Dispatch for better service and a reduced response time.  I had the privilege to visit the Androscoggin County Dispatch and an opportunity to talk with the Director and two of his dispatchers.   I was informed that on numerous occasions; the dispatchers could not get through on 353-2500.  This presents a serious problem and increases the delay time.

For those of you who utilize the Lisbon Communication Center for emergency services need to reconsider using 353-2500.  The proper procedure should be to use the Maine 911 system for all emergency service especially emergency medical situations.  Going through the Lisbon Communication Center, you lose qualified individuals being able to provide EMT’s with critical information and the vital Emergency Medical Code to provide your love ones with the best care possible in the shortest time.

So on the surface, using the Lisbon Communication Center for emergency situations may appear to be the best option but in the long run it may NOT be providing the best emergency service.

Larry Fillmore

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