Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton — indictment or presidency?

Breaking News in the Continuing Saga of the “Teflon Grandmom.”

By XKeyscore -
March 21, 2016

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(INTELLIHUB) — Rumors are flying madly around Washington, D.C. regarding Hillary Clinton. Some say that she is above the law, while others maintain that her eventual indictment as a result of ServerGate is inevitable. Will the Teflon Grandmom be able to survive the latest hail of accusations and investigations? We shall soon find out.

There have been recent murmurs which have not as of yet reached the general public from the Beltway crowd. Most people are aware that in early March the Department of Justice granted immunity to Bryan Pagliano, the ex-Clinton staffer who set up the unauthorized server at the center of the ongoing scandal. And the DoJ doesn’t hand out immunity to people who were alleged to be involved in criminal activity unless they are singing like a songbird.

Other Beltway pundits have suggested that Hillary so intentionally and blatantly thumbed her nose at established protocol that anyone else would have been indicted at this point. Furthermore, some of these Washington experts have stated that Honorable Director James Comey and other high-ranking FBI officials could resign in protest if Hillary were not indicted, or at a minimum, leak her transgressions to the general public.

But the rumor-mill hasn’t stopped. Even juicier tidbits have been thrown out for public consumption in the nation’s capitol. Some are saying that there is going to a coup within the Democratic Party, and this is how the story is being spun out.

President Obama has supposedly expressed his desire to become the Secretary General of the United Nations subsequent to the termination of his second term in office. But this idea runs counter to Hillary’s wishes, since she intends to have Slick Willy ensconced on the U.N. throne if and when she becomes president, making them one of the most powerful couples in the history of the world.

Another rumor which is circulating is that SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg has some health issues and will be retiring before the end of the year, which in turn will open up another slot for an Obama-tapped justice. The thinking is that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would be a prime nominee for that position.

So here is how it might go down over the next few months. Obama plays his hand behind the scenes. He has Loretta Lynch commence an indictment against Hillary. Bill Clinton will never accede to the U.N. General Secretary position, and that position will remain open for Obama

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