Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2017 Budget Idea # 3

A few weeks ago I attended a Council Workshop that discussed giving Lisbon's two top Law enforcement officials a special severance package. Image result for budget

This package included paying for their retirement health insurance until they reached Medicare age (65). At this workshop Chief Brooks gave a presentation that sold this package as a cost savings to the taxpayers of Lisbon.  He said that they wouldn't be filling the Lt.s slot thus saving taxpayers well over a hundred thousand dollars over the following three years. 

Today a few weeks after his cost saving presentation the Chief  submitted his 2017 budget request that includes over $61,000 dollars in increased spending. 

 Did the Chief misspeak at his presentation or did he ever have any intention of cutting the Police Department Budget?  Or is this the Chiefs way of punishing the town for not giving him the second retirement that he wanted. 

I do not know the answer to these questions but the one thing I do know  is that a $61,000 thousand dollar Police Budget increase is not a savings to the taxpayers of Lisbon.   

How can any Police Force justify this massive increase when
  • The national inflation rate is basically flat.
  • The crime rate has been going down for over 20 years (FBI) we need less police due to less threat.
  • The Chief just told us they would be eliminating a high level police slot in Lisbon's Police roster.
We need to cut police spending not increase spending. 
Call your Councilors and let them know your thoughts.

Joe Hill

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