Saturday, February 6, 2016


What exactly does that mean for residents of Durham, Sabattus and Lisbon?  What this means is that in an emergency only the PSAP can legally obtain additional information to assist EMT personnel on the treatment of victim.  You see an E-9-1-1 operator (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) gathers additional information (medical history) called an EMD Code which is passed on to the Lisbon Communication Center prior to dispatching First Responders.  According to the current agreement, Lisbon Communication Center can ONLY dispatch First Responders in an emergency.  How stupid is that?  The EMD code has to be transferred first to the Lisbon Communication Center and then transferred to the EMT.  The EMD code contains the additional information on the victim similar to a medical history.  This EMD information ensures the EMT has the right supplies in order to treat the patient.

Instead of wasting time, the E-9-1-1 operator receiving a 911 call for emergency services should be the one dispatching First Responders.  This procedure saves valuable time in an emergency.  There is no valid reason for transferring information when the E-9-1-1 can dispatch First Responders and save critical time.  Under the contract for dispatching with Durham, it reads under Attachment ‘A’, Specifications of Service to Be Performed, paragraph B, and I quote “Provide call answering, which shall include but not be limited to all emergency and non-emergency calls for service.  This does not include PSAP Services.”  What this is saying is that residents should be calling Lisbon Communication Center for all emergency and non-emergency service.  It is my understanding that this is illegal because all emergency call for service are required to go through the state of Maine E-9-1-1 system which means residents should be calling 911 for emergency services. 

The fact that the Town of Lisbon is promoting the Lisbon Communication Center instead of 911 in emergency situations is a violation of the State of Maine 911:  Emergency Service Communication Bureau.  The residents of Durham, Sabattus and Lisbon need to know the proper procedure when calling for emergency services and that is dial 911.  This is especially crucial when reporting emergency medical situations.   Lisbon should have an automatic message on its lines that says “If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911.”

The County Commissioners need to be doing more for the residents of Androscoggin County by demanding that all residents are serviced by a PSAP and not individual towns.  The lives of all residents should be the highest priority for everyone concerned.  The logistics are there and I am sure these Commissioners can find the funds to pay for the consolidation.  All lives Matter!

Expediting First Responders to the scene with all available information, should be the number one priority.  This will save lives.

Larry Fillmore

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