Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Tuesday night, the Town Council held a workshop starting a 6:00 PM.  It was a joint session with the Planning Board.  Amanda Bunker, Town Planner, provided a presentation outlining what was accomplished in 2015 and what the Planning Board was working on for 2016.  The Planning Board currently is working on several ordinances and policies.  After Amanda’s presentation, Chairwoman Karin Paradis asked the Town Council for guidance on several issues.  The workshop lasted approximately one hour and then it was adjourned to the regular meeting.

The regular Town Council meeting started at approximately 7:00 PM.  There was only one order of business under Council Orders, Resolutions and Ordinances.  An organization called the Cornerstone of Science donated to the Lisbon Library the following:  telescope, microscope and accessories and MakeyMaKey circuit kit.  The Library Director was asking the Town Council to accept these gifts for the town.  The Council voted 6-0 because Councilor Kolbe was excused to accept these gifts.

Also, the Council went into Executive Session to consult with the Town Attorney.

Larry Fillmore

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