Saturday, January 30, 2016


Last night, I attended a Public Workshop on proposed Zoning Amendments put on by the Planning Board. Mrs. Amanda Bunker, the Town Planner, first provided the audience with handouts so they could follow along. This is an excellent idea and extremely useful for the people. It serves two purposes: the first is to follow along and the second it enables the people to take them home and study the material in case they have further questions.

Mrs. Bunker did an excellent job on the presentation and facilitating the workshop. The workshop lasted approximately one and a half hours and was both interesting and informative. The people, who attended, asked numerous questions and provided their thoughts on the proposed amendments.

This type of environment is a good way to keep the people informed as to what is going on in our community. The problem is that only 18-20 residents showed up. I understand this is in the beginning phase but residents should be kept informed if it affects them. An example is if the town approves a truck-stop to be place next door to your residence. This could never happen without your knowledge but you should get out ahead of any such move before it is too late.

I recommend that Public Workshops, Public Hearings and any other meeting that involve the community be videoed and played back for the entire community to review. This is a suggestion for the Chair of the Planning Board and the Town Manager to evaluate.

Larry Fillmore

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