Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Which is more important to our Town Council:  (1) saving people’s lives or (2) remaining loyal to Lisbon Communication Center/Dispatch.  This is the question facing the Town Council when it comes to the Lisbon Communication Center.  The previous Council voted NOT to support Sheriff Samson in having the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) located at the Androscoggin County Dispatch performs our dispatching of First Responders.

Common sense and the fact that to relay information takes addition time before First Responders can be dispatched.  The most efficient method to save time is to have the Androscoggin County Dispatch notify First Responders as they receive the emergency service/911 calls.  Having First Responder get to the scene will reduce the chances of a fatality.

I have nothing against the Lisbon Communication Center and the job they do.  I believe that they do excellent work for the community.  However, relaying information prior to dispatching First Responders delays in the First Responder in getting to the scene and doing their thing.  This delay increases the chances of a fatality.  Councilors were elected to protect and serve this community by providing the best possible solution for the community.  In this case, reducing response time First Responders are taking to get to the scene is critical to saving lives.

Currently, the Lisbon Communication Center/Dispatch is costing the taxpayers over $300,000.00 dollars.  Every year the cost to operate this center is going up and there is no need for it.  The Town Council publically stated that having the PSAP/ Androscoggin County Dispatch perform these duties will save the taxpayers approximately $190,000.00; the Town Manager believes the saving is closer to $165,784.00; and I believe that it is closer to $365,784.00.  Regardless of whom, you believe these are significant cost savings to the taxpayers.

Sheriff Samson has been willing to work with the town to make this happen.  He put $225,000.00 of County funds into his budget to accomplish this task.  This is important to note because it meant the County would pay for everything.  This important was available to our previous Councilors at the time they voted to stop the project.  Can anyone explain why the Councilors would do this and do not tell me it was because there was too many questions unanswered because every project has that.  They would all have been answered prior to the Town of Lisbon committing to the PSAP/Androscoggin County Dispatch.

It is my opinion; the primary mission of the Town Council is to put the safety of the people of Lisbon, Durham and Sabattus first and foremost.  Call your Councilors and get them started on reopening the dialogue with Sheriff Samson having the PSAP/Androscoggin County Dispatch notify OUR First Responders when they receive a call for emergency service/911.

Larry Fillmore

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