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WHAT IS A PSAP SYSTEM? --- BY Larry Fillmore

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What is a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) system? The PSAP receives emergency service request via land and cell phones. PSAP immediately dispatch Fire, Police and Medical First Responders accordingly. The PSAP system’s primary mission is to get First Responders to the scene as quickly as possible in order to save lives and property.

This system is utilized all over the United States and Europe. The PSAP concept is proven to be the most effective method to get First Responders on site as quickly as possible.
In Maine there are 26 PSAP in 4 Regions. In Vermont there are 4 PSAP’s; New Hampshire has 1 active and 1 non-active PSAP’s; Connecticut has 10 PSAP’s and New York has 11 PSAP’s. As you can see the PSAP system is tried and proven to be the most effective to save lives.

If you had taken the time to read the first two references in the article “Why Are We Paying To Put Our Lives At Risk?” dated December 2, 2015, you should have a clear understand of the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) concept and how deviating from this system puts your life at risk. Lisbon Communication Center is a deviation from the PSAP concept. What it does is add an additional layer to the process creating additional response time to First Responders. Instead of the First Responders being dispatched from the PSAP, the information is transferred to the Lisbon Communication Center first and then they are dispatched. This additional layers cost the taxpayers roughly $350,000.00 tax dollars. These funds would be greatly reduced if the PSAP dispatched First Responders. Depending on whom you talk to the savings vary. According to former Chairman Dillon Pesce it was approximately $190,000.00; according to the Town Manager Diane Barnes it is roughly $166,000.00 and I have it estimated at $366,000.00 of our tax dollars. My estimate is $69,000.00 shy of one mil rate .($435,000.00). Think about how saving close to a mil would do to your taxes?
The County was willing to work with the town to consolidate the Lisbon Communication Center with the PSAP to eliminate this problem. Sheriff Samson had included $225,000.00 in his County budget for this consolidation. This would have meant the County would have paid for everything; but Chief Brooks and his friends talked the Town Council into putting a stop to this project. It is imperative this consolidation take place as soon as possible in order to save lives; our lives.
Please call the members of the new Council and the Town Manager and let’s try and salvage this project.

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Larry Fillmore

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