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Wastebook: 7 Ridiculous Ways The Feds Blew Your Tax Dollars Last Year

By Bre Payton
DECEMBER 8, 2015
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The feds spent millions last year putting college students into fat suits, filming monkeys running on a treadmill, and attempting to get hipsters to quit smoking. Those projects are only three of 100 ways the federal government wasted your tax dollars, which are detailed in Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-Arizona) 286-page report, entitled “Wastebook: The Farce Awakens.”

Though Flake’s report has a unique Star Wars-themed flair, the Wastebook falls in line with now-retired Sen. Tom Coburn’s tradition of releasing an annual list of the feds’ worst spending offenses.

Behold: Here are the seven most ridiculous ways your tax dollars were put to work.

1. $1 Million To Film Monkeys In Hamster Balls On Treadmills

The National Institutes of Health paid researchers $1 million to train a dozen monkeys to run on a treadmill in a hamster ball. The study, aptly titled “Take The Monkeys And Run,” sought to find a non-stressful way to exercise the monkeys while they’re in captivity.

Watch this little guy go!

2. $17,000 to Get Students to Wear Fat Suits

The U.S. Department of Agriculture gave a New Mexico State University professor a $17,500 grant to get a group of students to wear 20-pound fat suits for 12 hours straight so they would be more sensitive to overweight people.

“Individuals can experience some of the physical, social, and even psychological aspects of being overweight,” said NMSU professor Devon Golem. “Perhaps walking a mile in someone else’s weight will help change negative beliefs and attitudes.”

Apparently old-fashioned empathy just isn’t good enough anymore. We now have to physically recreate other people’s burdens to learn how to treat them with respect.

3. $2.1 Million to Encourage Tourism in Lebanon
United States Agency for International Development spent more than $2 million to fund two five-year programs to revitalize rural tourism in Lebanon. The program continues despite the State Department warning U.S. citizens against visiting the country, as it is considered a dangerous hotbed for terror activity. That’s government logic for you.
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