Wednesday, December 9, 2015


At last night’s Town Council meeting, Council Bickford spoke to thank the outgoing Councilors for their service to the town. He also welcomed the new Councilors. The Councilors then selected Councilor Bickford and the Chairman and Councilor Eric Metivier as Vice-Chairman for the coming year.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1. Durham Dispatch Agreement – The Council did not like the method the contract was written so they sent it back by a vote of 7-0. Apparently, it did not convert from a PDF to Word correctly.

2. Turnout Gear Replacement Bid Award – The Council approved the turning in of 4 sets of Turnout Gear for $12,500.00 which the Fire Department had in its account by a vote of 7-0.

3. Brownfields Application – The Council approved for the Economic Community Development Director to apply for $200,000.00 of Brownfield grant which has to be submitted NLT December 18th by a vote of 7-0.

4. Town Office Schedule for Christmas Eve – The Council approved the schedule submitted by the Town Manager by a vote of 7-0.

5. School Budget Process Calendar – The Council approved the schedule submitted by a vote of 7-0.

Larry Fillmore

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