Sunday, November 1, 2015

Vote "Yes" on the School Budget To Stop the Insanity

I can see no logical reason for anyone to vote "NO" in the upcoming School Budget vote .The budget has already been  committed and can't be changed so any further elections are a moot point. The only thing a "NO" vote will do is trigger another election that will cost Lisbon another $3,000 in election costs.

What is the point of this ?  Is the School trying to increase the tension between the School Department and the town?  Are they doing this to set the stage for next years Budget Battle? Are they trying to take money away from another town department?Possibly they want the money from the winter salt budget or they want to take money from the Library.  Who knows

This is a hostage situation pure and simple. The Schools "Special Interest Group" is telling the town "If you don't give us what we want we will keep voting "NO" and cost the town another 3 grand every time the no vote triggers another election." This behavior serves no purpose other than punishing the taxpayers of lisbon for not giving in to their demands. 

Recently I have seen professionally made signs around town advocating a "NO TO Low" vote as well as a "Yes vote". This development is disturbing because it implies that people are planning on using this years tactics again next year. Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars on signs for just one years vote?  

If this is going to be the Schools new tactic for overiding the Councils legitimate control over them, It may be time to restrict the number of times we vote on the School's budget before the budget reverts back to a previous budget.

Vote YES to stop this insanity!

Joe Hill

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