Saturday, November 14, 2015

US Senator Admits Hillary Clinton Financed ISIS And Other Terrorist Organizations! Will This Spell The End Of Her Candidacy? [VIDEO]

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Date: Tuesday, 10-Nov-2015 19:52:28

Hillary appears destined to be the teflon presidential candidate of the early 21st century where none of her shady or questionable dealings sticks to her...

US Senator Admits Hillary Clinton Financed ISIS And Other Terrorist Organizations! Will This Spell The End Of Her Or Will America Continue Down This Very Dark Path?
By Stefan Stanford

In the brand new 1st video below, Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange confronts US Senator from New York and Hillary Clinton supporter Kirsten Gillibrand about the Middle East quagmire and Hillary's support of ISIS and other terrorists in the Middle East. Rather than deny the fact that Hillary and the US have been supporting mass murderers ISIS and other terrorists, Gillibrand writes off this fact as 'an accident'.

With ISIS allegedly having released another new video showing the slaughter of over 200 Syrian children, there is clearly blood all over the hands of Hillary yet she's clearly getting a free pass from the large majority of American citizens and the media. Would only a picture of Hillary herself holding the machine gun and opening fire upon these brutally slaughtered children awaken the stupefyingly dumbed down American masses who see this mass-murderer approving psychopath as some kind of a saint?

With RINF having released a story today proving that the uprising against Syrian president Assad was engineered in the United States and the Syrian war largely the trigger for the humanitarian crisis that is being used to overthrow Europe, was US Senator and current Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul correct when he said Hillary is responsible for the disasters in Libya, Syria, Benghazi AND the rise of ISIS?

In this video, Rudkowski gets in a few very good questions, in between the other media who fawn over the Senator and fawn over Clinton. With new evidence coming out showing a US Apache attack helicopter flying support for ISIS terrorists crossing from Iraq into Syria as shown in the 2nd video below, we see this as another sign that America is about to go down a very dark path with terrorist supporter and sympathizer Clinton possibly only a year away from the US presidency.

Is Clinton ONLY running for the US presidency to stay out of jail as was recently suggested by Donald Trump? How could America allow this supporter of terrorism into the White House?
You can reach the office of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at (202) 224-4451 to voice your own opinions about this video.

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