Friday, November 20, 2015


On Tuesday night, the Town Council conducted a workshop to hear the results of the Transfer Station Committee Study. This Study was compiled and presented by Lisa Ward and Ryan Leighton. Below are the results of study:

According to the figures presented, it is possible to save $63,582.76 by going to a combination of curbside pick-up and Pay-As-You-Throw. On the surface this may appear as a significant saving for the town but we need to take a closer look.
As far as I am concerned the Transfer Station is, without a doubt, the most efficient department in the town. The Transfer Station provides a variety of services for the community. I have a hard time explaining what to call tires, scrap metal, broken washing machine, dryers, TV’s, and refrigerators, also, wood, leaves, branches and other derbies. These items are the responsibility of the resident and our Transfer Station takes care of these addition items for us.

According to the study, they are NOT included. Can you see putting a refrigerator in a bag or left on the curb to be disposed of? When Lisa Ward and Ryan Leighton were asked about these items, we were told the resident has to make arrangements and pay an additional fee to either Topsham or Auburn. Topsham or Auburn is the two closest sites to dispose of these materials.
I have heard many people ask the question, “If it is not broke then don’t fix it.” I personally think the Town Council should disband this committee and move on to something else in this town to fix. The Transfer Station has excellent people providing a superior service to this community. There is no saving when you add in these additional costs.
There is no cost savings here; so move on!!!!!

Larry Fillmore

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