Wednesday, November 18, 2015

THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE --- by Larry Fillmore

I have been listening to people with all kinds of interpretation of the election results.  So, I thought that I would add my $.02 worth to the mix.

It was very clear to me that the people are tired of being ignored and they are going to do whatever is necessary to correct this situation.  I base this on the fact that three Councilors were replaced.  One of these Councilors had been on the Council for years and had a good voting record.  The people did not care because they want to be heard and they want the Councilors to vote accordingly.  

The remaining four Councilors should beware because if they do not straighten up they too will be gone next November.  It is important to the people that when they speak Councilors are paying attention to the people.

The second indicator is the fact that only two out of seven Charter changes passed.  This is a clear signal that the people are tired of the Councilors changing the Charter to suit their needs.   For several years now, the Town Council has used the Charter changes to reduce or in some case eliminate the rights of the people.  The result of this year’s election reflects that the people want to be heard and want the Town Council to honor their wishes.

I hope that the remaining Councilors take heed of the results of the election and work with the incoming Councilors to move this community forward by paying attention to the voice of the people.

Larry Fillmore

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