Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The first arrest has been made for manspreading

Subway authorities have been trying to crack down on the space-hogging
    An example of manspreading on the London UndergroundAn example of manspreading on the London Underground Evening Standard
Two men from Brooklyn were arrested for 'manspreading', it has been revealed, after police found them taking up too much room on the subway.
Despite this admission from the judge, and the fact that New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority rules of conduct only prohibit taking up more than one seat if it interferes with the functioning of the train or the "comfort of other passengers", she did not dismiss the men outright but give them an ACD – meaning charges will be dropped if they don't get arrested again for a certain amount of time.
Editors note: Given that women's seats are generally much wider than men it is ironic that men are the only ones that are being arrested for taking up to much space. hmmm

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