Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reason #5 Why PAYT trash program a Bad Idea For Lisbon

Reason #5                     Economic Fairness

                                    Home trash compactor

One of the selling points for PAYT (pay as you throw) trash programs is economic fairness.   Why should you pay for other peoples wasteful ways.

In reality its more like you can have other people pay for your trash if you can afford a trash compactor. 

Most modern compactors have a compaction rate of 80% .They will enable you to take five bags of trash and fit it into one neat little bag. 

Don't think this won't be an issue if we go to PAYT.  This method of circumvention is so common that a term for it was coined in Seattle a few decades ago, its called "The Seattle Stomp".  

Joe Hill

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