Sunday, November 8, 2015

Political Strategist: Hillary Clinton is “An Abuser of Women & Girls”

Roger Stone says Hillary hired private investigators to terrorize Bill Clinton’s rape victims

Paul Joseph Watson
November 3, 2015
During an interview with Larry King, political strategist Roger Stone asserted that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s pro-women stance was a fraud given her past role in hiring people to terrorize women who alleged they were raped by Bill Clinton.

Stone, who now describes himself as a libertarian, just released a book entitled The Clintons’ War on Women and was previously a political advisor for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, although Trump subsequently fired him.

“The narrative of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, that she has been an advocate for women and girls, is just bogus,” Stone told King. “She is, in fact, an abuser of women and girls.”

Stone said the assertion was justified based on Hillary covering for her husband’s behavior.
“Bill is a sexual predator, very much like Bill Cosby,” said Stone. “I tracked 27 women that he has either assaulted or raped.”

When Larry King challenged Stone to identify the women, charging that they had “never come forward,” Stone named names.

“Many of them have…He doesn’t drug them, but he does attack them. He does assault them, and you know some of these names,” said Stone. “You know Juanita Broaddrick, you know Kathy Willey, you know Paula Corbin Jones, who he paid $850,000 in a settlement for. But you don’t know Liz Ward Gracen, Eileen Wellstone, Becky Brown, Helen Dowdy, Dorothy Kyle Browning, Christy Zercher. This list goes on and on and on.”

Stone emphasized that he was talking about the women Clinton had sexually abused, not his one night stands or mistresses, which Stone says would fill an encyclopedia.

Stone noted Hillay’s culpability for this behavior by asserting “she’s not just an enabler….she’s the one who hires the private detectives who wage a veritable terror campaign against these women to silence them.”

“What did she call them? Bimbos, whores, sluts, bitches, they’re her words not mine, these women unlucky enough to be sexually assaulted by her husband,” said Stone.

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