Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let's Not fix Something That isn't Broken

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I agree with Mr. Fillmore, the will of the people is not being followed in Lisbon. Another fine example of this is the proposed "pay per bag" system that was recently brought up again at a recent Council Workshop.

 I was under the impression Lisbon had already examined and rejected this system but it looks like those in favor of "Pay Per Bag" are trying again to ram it down our throats.  How many times do we have to tell our leaders that we don't want a new trash system? The recycling center works well and doesn't need to replaced  with something that will cost us more money and be less convenient.

The studies clearly state that when a town institutes this system the total amount of trash collected goes down.  As we all know the trash has to go somewhere and most of that lost trash ends up either burnt in trash barrels, thrown in illegal roadside dumps, or buried or stored on the property of those that can't afford the extra money for trash bags. 

The trash/recycling center is one of the Town's departments that actually works well. The recycling returns money to partially pay for our trash removal .

 Lets not screw up something that works.

Joe Hill

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