Friday, November 13, 2015

German Law Would Give Police Power to Enter Homes to Check For “Refugee Suitability”

Homeowner permission would not be required under draconian proposal
Paul Joseph Watson
November 13, 2015

A proposed law in Germany would give police the power to enter people’s homes without their permission in order to conduct a “suitability” check to see if the accommodation could be used to house asylum seekers

Journalist Gunnar Schupelius writes that he was so shocked by the idea he first thought it was “satire,” but after doing some digging found that the Senate Chancellery has actually proposed altering German law, which currently forbids police from entering a home against the owner’s permission without a warrant or unless it’s “to avert imminent danger”.

The proposal would add a paragraph to § 36 ASOG to state (translated version), “The regulatory authorities and the police can enter to check the suitability for accommodation of refugees land, buildings or parts thereof without the consent of the owner, if the threat for the Prevention Homelessness is required.”

Although the proposal has attracted virtually no media coverage, Berlin FDP General Secretary Sebastian Czaja said it represented an “open breach of the Constitution” and called for protests.

Schupelius is asking Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) to “come clean” over the proposal, which he asserts represents a “secret and surreptitious intrusion into private homes.”

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