By Joshua Gray, PI from Boston, MA
In a clear bullying tactic by Col Robert Williams of the Maine State Police, I was told to delete a Facebook post or expect criminal charges. The Facebook Post in question was a picture of two men who I thought appeared to have similar features. The post read “Corrupt Maine Trooper Lt. Scott Ireland & corrupt Illinois Officer Lt. Joe Giniewicz. They could be twins @MEStatePolice”. It included pictures of both men. This is just the latest chapter in a nearly five year nightmare.    
 It all started in 2011 when I came to Maine to do training with a sub-contractor. I obtained video footage of a man committing insurance fraud. When the state police found out about this, they charged me with working in Maine without a valid PI license. After I won in court and Justice Jeffrey Hjelm dismissed the charges before trial, the state police retaliated against me by denying my application for Private Investigator. They also contacted my largest client and told them there was an ‘ongoing investigation’ into me. This caused my client to stop using my services