Friday, November 6, 2015


On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, the people of Lisbon sent a clear message to the Town Council.  But did the Town Council hear it or get it?  We know for sure one Councilor did not get it.  Ex-Chairman of the current Council Dillon Pesce did NOT get the message because when interviewed by Channel 13 stated “It’s not over.”  The people voted all Councilors up for reelection out because of the direction the Town Council were moving the town.

It is a shame, when the people speak, there are no Councilors listening.  Since November 2011, the people send a message by the direction they voted and are totally ignored by the Town Council.  The town has not a Council that listened to the people since 2011.  We have had a few true Councilors, who voted as their constituents wanted such as Councilor Cote, Councilor Garrison and the majority of the time Councilor Lunt.

Unfortunately, the four remaining Councilors Crafts, Brunelle, Bickford, and Metivier have no clue what the duties and responsibilities of a Councilor are.  A Councilor is elected by the people to represent the people.  This means they are the voice of the people.  It also means they no longer have a personal opinion on any issues because they are tasked with voting ONLY what is best for the community.  A history of these Councilors voting record clearly support they are NOTputting the best interest of the community first.

I was very happy to see the people send a message that they are not going to being ignored any more. We now have three new Councilors and only time will tell if they are true Councilors or they have their own agendas.  This time next year, I hope the people continue this trend and vote three more Councilors out.  It is important, to continue this, until Councilors start listening to the voice of the people.

This Tuesday night, it will be interesting to see if anything has changed with the remaining four Councilors.  I wonder if they got the message or are we in for another rough year?

Larry Fillmore  

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