Monday, November 30, 2015

Actually Russia IS Winning in Syria

Though there has been no breakthrough Russia is making progress towards achieving its objectives both on the military and the diplomatic fronts.
Alexander Mercouris Sat, Nov 28 | 11,010 81

Ever since the Russians intervened militarily in Syria there has been a constant drumbeat of criticism.

Much of this takes the form of an argument of “equivalence” - saying that what Russia is doing is the same or no better than what the US has been doing in the Middle East and will end as badly.

Russia Insider has published a classic example of criticism by our contributor Jacob Dreizin.

Before discussing Jacob's argument in detail, there are some points about Russian Turkish relations I want to make.

Jacob expresses concern that in the event of a major escalation of tensions with Turkey, Russia’s economy will suffer as well as Turkey’s, and that Turkey may close the Dardanelles, thereby cutting off the supply routes to its force in Syria.

None of the scenarios of Russian retaliation Jacob rightly worries about are in fact going to happen.

The Russians are not going to impose an economic blockade on Turkey or cut off gas supplies to Turkey. Nor are they going to arm the Kurds. Nor are the Turks going to take retaliatory measures that are contrary to their own interests. There will be a temporary cooling of relations but that is all.

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