Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A man jailed for sexually assaulting a three-year-old boy and possessing child porn is suing Nebraska's prisons system for denying him hormone therapy as he looks to start a sex change.

Dillon Shadle, 23, identifies as a woman and has legally changed his name to Riley Nicole Shadle but is still listed as male by Nebraska's Department of Corrections.
He filed a lawsuit against the prisons system's deputy director of health services Randy Kohl for not providing hormone therapy ahead of gender reassignment surgery, which Shadle wants as he claims he is less likely to abuse more children if he is a woman. 

He also admitted he could not afford a sex change before he was jailed but can now his medical bills are picked up by the taxpayer.

Shadle was jailed for 37 to 66 years in June for first-degree sexual assault of a three-year-old, possession of a child porn and two counts of visual depictions exploiting children.

He was originally charged with three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child, 31 counts of visual depictions exploiting children and 27 counts of possession of child pornography, but all but four of these were dropped as part of a plea deal.
The sex offender, who is detained at Lincoln Correctional Center, said he was denied treatment 'without regard to my mental and emotional pain and anguish and .treatment needed

He also wrote in the lawsuit that he would be less likely to re-offend when released if he was a woman, the Lincoln Journal Star reported. 

Shadle said he could not afford treatment before he was jailed for sexually assaulting a toddler, 'but I have time now, and have medical paid for while I'm here'.
Shadle, who is being held at Lincoln Correctional Center (pictured), says he will be less likely to abuse children when he is eventually released if he is a woman

Citing his Eighth Amendment rights, Shadle wrote: 'The pain is constantly having to feel uncomfortable in a body that doesn't match who I really am inside.

'It is painful to wake up every day and not only having the wrong sexual parts that don't belong, but having to hide my true self from everybody.'

Shadle has threatened to castrate himself if he is not given hormone therapy and gender reassignments surgery, reported. 

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