Sunday, November 29, 2015

5 Cops in 3 Months Caught in New Trend Among Police – Shoot Yourself and Blame a War on Cops

By Matt Agorist on November 24, 2015

With so many instances coming to light, how can we trust the statistics put out by the police themselves?
There seems to be an alarming new trend forming among police officers across the United States. As the “War on Cops” narrative came crumbling to the ground thanks to the alternative media proving otherwise, at least five cops have gone to extreme lengths to keep it going.

Earlier this month, New York City activist Keegan Stephan sent out the following tweet, drawing attention to this ridiculous problem

Four cops, in different departments across the country, all faked being shot and then blamed the shootings on non-existent assailants.
Their false stories were then picked up in the media, or by their own departments, and used to push the idea that cops in America are under attack. Not only were these stories used to propagandize consumers of mainstream media, but massive manhunts ensued and innocent people locked down as state resources were tyrannically squandered on a wild goose chase.

One officer, in particular, Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, went to the ultimate length to make his fake shooting look like a war on cops when he actually killed himself in September. An entire town was subsequently placed on lock down and residents were subject to a brief period of martial law as Gliniewicz’s brothers in blue searched for three non-existent suspects. Gliniewicz was a criminal cop who was using the war on cops as a means of covering up his nefarious history.

Only after he was publicly outed as a criminal cop did any of Gliniewicz’s fellow officers refer to him as something other than a ‘hero.’

A month later, England Police Department Sgt. David Houser faked being shot during a traffic stop in Arkansas. Another statewide manhunt was launched for a non-existent ‘Hispanic man.’ Two weeks later, Houser caved to pressure and confessed to shooting himself.

In June, it was reported that veteran police officer Terry Smith was shot in the back by an unknown assailant, and Black Lives Matter protesters were implicated. However, the Houston Police Department now believes that it was actually his partner, Gregory Hudson who shot Smith. While Smith has been placed on desk duty, he’s yet to face any disciplinary action.

In September, Officer Bryan Johnson crashed his police cruiser into a tree. To cover up his terrible driving, Johnson then fired several shots into his wrecked car and then radioed into the station, claiming he’d been a victim of the war on cops. Yet another massive manhunt was launched in search of a fake shooter.

The only thing that could be more outlandish than 4 cops fabricating stories about being shot at to perpetuate a false war on cops would be 5 cops fabricating stories, and last week that happened.


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