Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This is a summary of what took place last night’s Town Council meeting.  It was very bizarre to say the least.  The chambers were filled to capacity.  The majority of the audience was there to speak in opposition to the Consolidation of the Lisbon Communication Center with the Androscoggin County Dispatch.  This is a summary of what took place:

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1.      Dispatch Consolidation – This discussion lasted over an hour and resulted in the Council voting 7-0 NOT to move forward with this consolidation.
2.     Contract for PSAP Services – The Council voted 7-0 to have the Town Manager sign this contract.
3.     Municipal Agent/Inland Fisheries Agent – The Council approved Pauline Pelletier to fill this position with a $1.00 per hour increase in pay until she completes all of her training and then $1.50 per hour increase.
4.     Request to Bid Winter Sand – The Council approved to give the Public Works Director to go out to bid by a vote of 7-0.
5.     Request to advertise Surplus Property – The Council approved the Public Works Director to try and sell two pieces of surplus equipment by a vote of 7-0.
6.     Award Roof Bid – There were many questions that The Council had that could not be answered so the Council tabled this for another time.
7.     Amendment to Energy Performance Contract – The Council approved for the Town Manager to sign the amendment to the contract by a vote of 7-0.
8.     Fuel Bid – The Council approved for the Town Manager to sign a contract for fuel.  There was some discussion about Diesel and Off Road Diesel.  The vote was 7-0.
9.     School Budget Validation Referendum (BVR) Timeline – The Council approved the timeline with a Public Hearing on October 20, 2015 by a vote of 7-0.
10.            Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust (MMEHT) Wellness Grant Application – The Council approved to proceed with the application by a vote of 7-0.  Amount not to exceed $410.00
11.            Street Light Request – The Council approved to put a Street Light at the end of Wing Street and Main Street for an increase of $15.00 per month by a vote of 7-0.

Under Appointments – Mr. David Mailhot was appointed to the Cemetery Committee Member and the Council accepted Jessica Meakin’s resignation from the Library Governing Board.

Candidate’s night will be October 20, 2015 prior to the Public Hearing.

There was no vote after the Executive Session.

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