Thursday, October 22, 2015



At last night’s Town Council meeting, the following items were discussed and some voted on.

Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances:

1.      2015-2016 School Budget Warrant Articles – These Warrant Articles were approved by a vote of 5-2.  The two NO votes were by Councilors Garrison and Lunt.
2.     Town Office Roof Replacement – The Council awarded the bid to JARR Management, Inc. for a cost of $97,750.00.  Work will begin as soon as the materials arrive.
3.      MDOT Agreement – The Council voted 7-0 to have the Town Manager sign the three agreements.
4.     November/December Council Meeting Schedule – The Council approved the following dates by a vote of 7-0.  In November, they cancelled the 3rd because of the election and approved November 10th and a Public Hearing on the 17th.   For December they approved the 1st.
5.     Schedule public hearing date for proposed Downtown Omnibus Municipal TIF.  The Council approved November 17th for the Public Hearing.
6.     Cemetery Fees – This item the Council tabled for another time.
7.     Sale of Town Owned Property Reserve Account – The Council approved by a vote of 7-0 to establish a Property Reserve Account.
8.     Dispatch Contracts – The Council approved the Town Manager and Chief Brooks to begin negotiations with Greene and Durham on renewal of their contracts.
9.     Legal Fees for County Lawsuit – The Town Manager announced the town had spent $1,060 on legal fees.
10.            Androscoggin County Charter Amendment – The Council voted 7-0 to vote to adopt this Resolution.
11.            Tax Collector Small Claims Court proceedings for Delinquent Personal Property Taxpayers – This was approved by a vote of 7-0 to move forward.

Under Appointments – Charity G. Klinger was appointed as Constable.

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