Monday, October 26, 2015

Bad Image For Lisbon

Yesterday while traveling down Rt.196 toward Lewiston I saw a sight that reminded me of just how impoverished Lisbon has become. As I approached the flea market I noticed one of the tables had been dragged up to the street's edge and another table was turned  on it's side in an attempt to maker an impromptu political sign for a potential Councilor. This entire setup was repeated at the other end of the flea market. 

I know this sign conforms to Lisbon's political sign requirements. Its under 50 sq. ft. and it's placement is correct but that being said what kind of message do you think this sign sends to anyone traveling through Lisbon?  It screams POVERTY AND DESPERATION along with a touch of LAZINESS. Is this the message we want to project to potential businesses?

I understand the gentleman named on this sign may know nothing about it creation and placement but if this sign is one of his creations I have concerns about his judgement and ability to lead Lisbon.  

Joe Hill

P.S. I hope these signs are attached to something solid because we are going to have 24mph winds tomorrow morning. We don't need 4x8 sheets of plywood sailing through the air hitting people or cars. 

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