Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Dirty Secret About Money that is Finally Being Exposed to the Masses

By September 15, 2015 
Flickr - Money - zzzackPhillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times
Don’t you think it’s sad that so many people suffer from poverty, homelessness, unemployment, addiction and socioeconomic disadvantage in general? What about the fact that the majority of us haven’t found real peace in life because we’re all fighting to survive in a world which actually has more than enough resources for everybody? We find it sad, especially because all of these issues are either created or amplified by the ‘economic’ and ‘social’ systems that we have designed for the people of earth.

First, we need to change the way that we economize our global society because the suffering it causes is evidently pandemic, especially the boom/bust cycles that screw the livelihoods of the people whilst the rich get richer at everyone else’s expense. Simply, this transformation is fundamental to the future health, prosperity and vitality of our people. To evolve it will no doubt be a challenging and complex process, but that needn’t stop us; we are now at the ideal stage to deeply consider the ways we could collectively move forward.

The Purpose

This article is designed to amplify the collective awareness of a ‘private‘ central banking system that works for the 0.1% but doesn’t work for the people. Governments and citizens-of-earth alike need to transparently engage in an honest discussion about not just the removal of this system, but also the potential models we could implement to improve the global economy for our future.

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