Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lisbon School Board Member Goes Postal On The Councilors

By now everyone in Lisbon knows that there is no love lost between Lisbon School Board and the Lisbon Council. They have been adversaries for a long time but this year their relationship has degraded into something ugly.

Last night (9/8/15) the School Board and Council met in  Council chambers for a workshop to discuss the ongoing School Budget issue. 

 The School Board Members (with the exception of Mrs. Mason) turned this golden opportunity into a Councilor bashing session. I sat in the audience for 15 or 20 minutes listening to Board Members Berating the Council for:
  •  Not caring for the kids,
  •  Bullying the School Board,
  • Using non P.C. terminology,
  • Wanting unreasonable cuts
And I thought I heard someone even bring up kicking puppies.  

The School Board didn't bring up one constructive solution to the budget shortfall problem.  NOT ONE SOLUTION. only complaints

The Councilors sat quietly taking this abuse and not one of them attacked a School Board Member.  The Councilors suggested: possibly using some of the money left over from the Gym project to fund a bond payment. Another Councilor brought up the possibility of saving some money by changing the bus service for high school students.  Another thought money could be saved from Adult Ed.

This abuse went on for 20 minutes before Councilor Pesce stated he felt bullied and that was when ALL HELL broke loose. Upon hearing this Mr. Reed started yelling something unintelligible, kicked back his chair and staggered to his feet. He balled up his program and threw it back at the Council as he lumbered out of the meeting.

 I believe this School Board Member has some serious anger management problems and should be sanctioned for his unprofessional behavior. 

In summary the School Board spent the entire meeting blaming the Councilors. The Councilors were the only ones that suggested any solutions. 

Joe Hill

P.S. In all fairness after Mr. Reeds violent scene  Chairwoman Austin did regain control over the School Board and brought civility back to her side of the table. She showed true leadership qualities.

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