Saturday, September 19, 2015

Response to YOU BE THE JUDGE ----- part 1 ------ by Joe Hill

We have all been complaining about Lisbon taxes for years. This year our Councilors made real cuts to our budget and those cuts are reflected in this years tax bill. 

The following is MY RESPONSE to "YOU BE THE JUDGE"

  •  I feel its unfair to chastise our Councilors for not knowing the exact amount of fat in the School Budget.  No one knows the exact amount of fat in the School Budget. If we knew where and how much fat there was we probably would have already eliminated the excess.
  • Let me get this straight; It appears you are suggesting we should never cut the School Budget unless we have had an expensive "Cost Analysis" and a more expensive " Impact Study". Isn't that counter productive? We could be spending more on studies than we save in cost reduction.
  •  You are correct it does cost $3,000 dollars for each of the School Budget Votes but it isn't the Council that is rejecting the duly submitted Budget. It is the school's "Special Interest Group" (SIG) that is voting down the budget.The Councilors  already gave their approval of the budget by sending it out to vote.  The SIG'S rejection vote is triggering a new election not the Council's approval vote. It appears the SIG doesn't want to take responsibility for their "NO" vote.
  •   By using the Special Council Meeting clause in this fashion, you are attempting to circumvent the Council's power over the School Budget. This was never the intention of the Charter framers. 
  • I  agree dirty politics have occurred, we saw a good example of it at the last Council/School Board workshop.The workshop where one of the School Board members threw a temper tantrum when he couldn't get his way.   

Recently the Council compromised and gave the School more of what they wanted. It will be interesting to see if it is enough to satisfy Lisbon School's greedy little "Special Interest Group'.

Joe Hill

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