Thursday, September 10, 2015

LAST RESORT – LABELING by Larry Fillmore

Chairman Pesce has resorted to labeling people as “Special Interest Group” for the failure of the School Budget to pass.  I take personal offense to this.  The people that voted are patriots, veterans, Americans and most of all parents and grandparents of current students.  Just because they voted down the Town Council numbers twice is no reason to label them “Special Interest Groups”.

Every citizen of this country and community has a civic obligation to keep informed and to vote in every election.  Some citizens take their obligation more serious than others.  But that does not give Chairman Pesce the right to label them “Special Interest Group”.  Americans have a civic duty to voice their opinion in government by voting in elections; that includes local elections.

The state of Maine recognizes the right of people to vote on the School Budget in Lisbon.  It does not state ONLY “Special Interest Groups” has the right to vote.  Elections are open to all citizens of the town of Lisbon.  The choice of every voter is to vote or not to vote.  This also is their right and so to start labeling individuals on whether or not they voted is disrespectful and totally out of line.  Everyone has the same opportunity to make a difference. 
Chairman Pesce is trying to get to the November election because he knows that more citizens vote in November.  However, that is not how the system and the law are designed.  Special elections are mandated by our Charter and Maine law at different timelines depending on the situation.  However, the number of voters that choose to come out and vote is not the determining factor; the majority that vote for or against is the deciding factor.  In this case, the voters turned down the numbers amended by the Town Council.  If the Town Council wants everyone to vote, then they should push voters to come out and vote.   I guarantee you that in every election there will be citizens that will not vote.  Chairman Pesce, how are you going to label them and will that make the November election invalid?

Chairman Pesce needs to stop labeling people.

Larry Fillmore

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