Monday, September 21, 2015

Joe Hill's response to "You be the judge"--- part two

Calling the change in numbers after the first "NO TO LOW" vote a reduction in money is patently untrue.   Between the time the Council put the budget out to vote and the rejection of that vote more money was given to the School.  The total money to the School didn't change the change was a reflection of the added money from the State.

I think this Council is working for the people.  Are you aware this is the only Council that has actually reduced Lisbon's Taxes.   I WOULD CALL THAT WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE, WOULDN'T YOU?  I think we should thank the five Councilors that stood firm against the Schools "special interest group" and gave us a tax break.

The Council had no choice but to commit taxes. There wasn't enough money in the Undesignated  Account to pay the County tax bill.  If the tax bill wasn't paid we would have incurred penalty and/or interest charges that we couldn't afford. We were running the risk of becoming a deadbeat debtor and that would adversly affect our credit rating.

Mr. Green and the School Board are the ones that saddled us with the 6 or 7 million dollar gym and track bond, it wasn't the Council that demanded these projects.  The School put themselves in this financial position and they are refusing to take responsibility for their actions.

In conclusion I am glad to hear you think the School Budget has fat that needs to be located. Maybe next year we can find the rest of that fat and reduce our taxes again.

Joe Hill

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