Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here We Go Again --- by Joe Hill

Here we go again. Yesterdays 3rd  Budget election "NO" vote triggered another costly election. Luckily  the next election won't cost as much as the last three elections.  

There is absolutely no reason for this "NO" vote other than pure greed and spitefulness. The budget has already been  committed and can't be changed so any further elections are a moot point. I believe  yesterdays "NO vote"  was the School having a temper tantrum. They didn't get their way so they are seeking revenge.

What is the point of this ?  Is the School trying to increase the tension between the School Department and the town?  Are they doing this to set the stage for next years Budget Battle? Are they trying to take money away from another town department? Possibly they want the money from the winter salt budget or they want to take money from the Library.  Who knows

This is a hostage situation pure and simple.  And I for one am ashamed that Lisbon has this greedy "special interest group" that gives Lisbon a bad name.

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