Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BATTLE OF THE BUDGET - CONTINUED ----- by Dot Fitzgerald

Comparing the tuition for a student to attend a private school vs.
attending public school is more like comparing cantelopes to
watermelons than apples to apples.
The school budget being voted on is the entire cost of running the
Town of Lisbon school system, from maintenance for three school
buildings,and the Gartley Street building, grounds, winter and summer;
running and maintaining school busses; nutrition; staff, including teachers,
administrators, bus drivers.
Than we come to finances. We are still making payments for the LES bond. 
And yes, payments, principle and interest, on the bonds for the track and gym,  
that the Town of Lisbon voters approved.
Does the srudent tuition quoted by Joe Hill cover the entire cost of running
the private schools?  not just the cost of educating one student?

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