Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Answer to "battle of the budget" below --- by Joe Hill

I feel comparing total cost of education to total cost of education is a fair comparison.  Do you mean kids in our school system are different than kids in private systems? and if so how are the different?  (APPLES TO APPLES)

I understand the budget voted on is the total cost of educating Lisbon kids. But the tuition of these private schools is the total cost of educating these kids also.  That includes the cost of private buildings, grounds, teachers, staff and maintenance costs. (APPLES TO APPLES)
I know we are still paying off bonds many of which were bad decisions that will haunt us for years. We will have to pay off these bonds regardless of the decisions we make from here on out.

If the cost of tuition didn't cover all expenses then the school wouldn't be in business long.  The Christian School in Lisbon has been around for almost 40 years.  

No matter how you slice these apples Lisbon Taxpayers are paying a lot more for our kids education and getting less education in return.

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