Thursday, August 20, 2015


I know that I have been critical of Fern LaRochelle in the past but I believe he had an excellent point at Tuesday’s night Town Council meeting. Mr. Rochelle recommended before the next Referendum on the School budget that both parties sit down and come to an agreement both sides can live with and use that agreement at the next Referendum.

Chairman Pesce has stated many times that he does not believe that the Referendum question will ever pass when both parties are so far apart. However, nothing is being done on either side to close the gap and as a result the Referendum has failed twice and will continue to fail unless the two sides come to a mutual agreement. It must be an agreement that both sides can support and live with.

These continual failures are costing us, the taxpayers, a great deal of money. If the only remaining point is whether or not bond proceeds can be used before a project is complete then this should be a moot point because the gym will be completed prior to the next election. It is my understanding, by reading the Department of Education directives, the bond proceeds can be applied against debt services
once the project has been completed.
It would be nice if both parties can come to an agreement and the community can put this unfortunate situation behind us.
I completely agree with Mr. LaRochelle it is time resolve this between both parties and come to people with an acceptable figure so we can move on.

It would be nice for both the School Department and the Town Council to reach an agreement prior to the next election.
Larry Fillmore

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